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NEW CD!!! “I Love the Music”

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Tune in and enjoy this video release, “Anyone Else but You,” from the new album.

Drawing influences from several musical genres, Roz pulls it all together for a uniquely sensational and soulful blend.  See below for her schedule of performances and booking information.

11 - Roz Trio
     Old Stove Brewing Co. 
     600 W. Nickerson St. 
     Seattle, WA
17 - Uncommon Combo
     Latin/Jazz & Funk
     Crossroads Market Stage
     Bellevue, WA

19 - Uncommon Combo 
     Latin/Jazz & Funk 
     The Spar
     Tacoma, WA 

roz delivers 

Roz solo artist

piano and vocals

Vocal Coach

vocal Instruction

recording artist

Songwriting/Backup Vocals/Producer

arrangements for vocals, keyboard, Strings & bass


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Postal Mail:

 PO Box 50344

 Bellevue, WA    98015

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